2017 – Entering the Heart, Healing the Childe

Everything on the Quest is significant, where we move through the energetic realms of our own Awakening, processing through the deep traumas that have defined our existence, that have marred the surface of our lens of awareness, repeatedly creating the same issue over and over again within the framework of our being.  Yet despite this, God is Good, and there is always a way through.

Earlier tonight, I found myself at a Kirtan, in Santa Monica.  It was a new experience for me, having spent most of my time isolated in the mountains or working on the Mythica.  In such a way, it is easy to forget that such things exist outside of the cave of our own inner work, to forget that an entire World, that many Worlds, exist beyond the frame of our * current * horizon.

It was a beautiful time.  A transcendent experience, where I was awash in the vibrations of Devotion and Delight.  Where skilled musicians facilitated the emergence of the soul of the People.  As an offering to the troupe, I used my wielding of Light to showcase them in their aspect as I saw them, with the Goddess (or God, if you want) watching over them, the liminal strains of their melodies and the rhythmic chanting of the mantras a beautiful, beautiful easement to my inner Heart.

And such an easement was needed, and well-received.  As I make preparations to head to Bali to the yoga teaching training with Allowah Lion, I recognize, more and more, the wounds that are resolving within my Self.  For a week or more the minor conflict in the place that I am staying has triggered a deep trauma within me, where I can literally feel my Heart pounding in my chest, afraid for it’s Life over things that are of no real threat to me whatsoever.  Where my inner childe feels terrified, hammering on my ribs, and it is all I can do to breathe through it, to have compassion for my Self as well as the temperance not to inflict suffering onto others, where I can sense the resolution of the defensive closing of the Heart that was my only response to an overwhelming Universe.  It is a thing that pulls at me even now, as I write these words, where I work diligently to change the pattern, to invoke the mantras of forgiveness, of ho’oponopono, that I may at last be cleared of the reactionary qualities within my energetic field.

It is a challenge.  To recognize how much healing has been done, and how much is still occurring.  To actively invoke patience and kindness for the Self, restraining the unbalanced anger so vastly out-of-proportion with the circumstance in favor of a more tempered care.  As I do this, I am reminded again that we are ALL in process, that even in Realization and attainment, there is healing and evolution.  Such is a beautiful reminder of our shared humanity.  Here,  I come to see the deep anger that has affected me, and trace it’s roots back to the traumas of childhood, where I am slowly but surely opening my soul to the healing of music and melody, of fellowship and bright, that is the long-awaited Victory of the Journey Home.

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