Notes from the Quest – Meeting Laura, Visioning Life

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Everything happens for a reason.  Our lives, woven to delicate and sublime circumstance that bright choreography.  As I make preparations for the journey to Bali, I am contemplating Love, intent on the deeper embodiment of this most Divine of qualities.

Around five o’clock, I am led through subtle inspiration to return to the Topanga Living Cafe, where I meet the beauteous Laura.  Immediately, I scent the magick about her, a lightness of movement and light.  We start to talk, and she graciously joins me at my table as I share the wonder of the Mythica.

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As we continue, more patterns emerge, shared resonances of our avatars that show me again the constant wonder of the physics of the quest.  She, it turns out, is a devoted member of the Agape community, and a fellow practitioner of the Life Visioning practices.  Likewise, the conversation turns to Kundalini yoga, to the mantic arts and the subtlety of energy that is our evolved vocation.

Such is incredibly inspiring, and I weave a portrait of her, revealing the energies that I perceive in the subtle realms beneath the surface.  She shares with me that while she normally lives in Venice, she was led to rent an Air BnB in Topanga just to get some time in the mountains.  It is so beautiful, for there, we get to share a transmission of energies and clearings, flush with the vibration of Agape, of the Divine Love that is the very vibration I was choosing to invoke as I made preparations for Bali and the yoga teacher training with the avatar Allowah Lion.

These are the physics of the quest in action.  The understanding that the Universe reflects back to us the vibration we are currently embodying, that there is a greater plan, and that we are supported, despite what it may seem on the surface.

(This article from the Quest occurs at the end of the episode ‘Temple of the Fire Diamond’ and rigjht before ‘The Lion’s Heart’)


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