Sages of the Virtual and Actual

There are no coincidences.  When we meet other beings on the Path, there is something we share, for there is no separation.  Everything happens for a reason, whether we see it or not, in accordance with the physics of the quest.

Last night I had a beautiful synchronicity, a proof of the application of the Life Visioning principles.  Earlier in the week, I had attended a sermon at Agape in which the idea of Giving was presented.  That as we gave, so did new possibilities of the Universe giving to us emerge.

As it happened, the son of the woman graciously renting a space for me in sacred Topanga canyon needed a ride.  I could tell his mother was tired from fulfilling her duties to her family, and offered him a ride.  After dropping him off, I was led to the Topanga Living Cafe, where I was led to begin conversation with a bright-souled avatar named Gregg Katano.

We shared so much, Gregg and I.  Repeatedly throughout the conversation we noticed parallels, synchronicities, resonant thoughts, ideas.  We could feel the energies sparkling, between.  He had come to Topanga to fulfill his role as a visioanry of virtual reality, a thing I found most beautiful, for such is a beautiful terrain for the education of the planet.  And while such was his ‘official’ capacity, what we shared was much, much deeper.  Why ahd we been led there, by the greater inertia of God? What called us together for this meeting in the sacred canyon?

Such things are always the deeper inquiry, the great wondering that reveals the larger plan at work.  Witnessing his timbre, I saw that Gregg was a sage, a man of excellent character and ethic, and as such, ordained to be witnessed in the Mythica on the Path.  We barely spoke of the virtual, he and I, and much more of the actual.  Of the trials and tribulations of virtue, of the questions that come up upon one’s personal Quest, the decisions one makes to stand in right alignment or to falter to fear.

We shared these things, he and I, across a round table, as knight-errants, to my vantage, in service to the authenticity of Self.  It was not lost on me that the worlds of virtual reality were ripe for the content, the deep yogas of the Mythica, yet such is not what defines, but rather the true fellowship that transcends the sparkles of the Age, and endures across time.   Such was an honour, in all ways, and I look forward to connecting with him again.


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