Excerpt from The Journey Home – Coming Soon

An excerpt from “The Journey Home”, coming soon.

“It has been my great honour and privilege to travel through the current iteration of the realms of Faerie. To act as her paladin, opening the gates to the realms beyond the pale that are our true birthright. It has been a magickal adventure, in all ways.

As I present the realm and her characters, know that everything I speak of is true. A reality of real beings, real magick, and real wonder. In which we walk the golden roads that lead us deeper, ever deeper, into the redemption of our relationship with the sacred Land, and discover the treasures hidden just below the surface of our sleeping awareness.

The first thing to understand is what Faerie is. Like all of the realms of the Mythica, she is simultaneously a place and a state of being, whose access depends on the delicate articulation of both. She is the realm of the elementals, of what we may call the faeries or the deva, the natural spirits that are the undercurrent of all forms within the Incarnate plane, and the source of magick.

There are many names for Faerie and her inhabitants, across the many cultures and traditions of the Worlds. Yet like all aspects of the material plane, these are impermanences, current declarations of human definition, changing constantly. There is something more constant than the shifting tides of human construct, and that is the Land. The sacred substance of the Mother, upon whose skin we walk. The clay from which our mortal forms are made. It is this land, referred to in the blessed islands of Hawai’i as the Aina, that is the substance of Faerie.

In the chapters to come, I will describe my journey across this vast landscape, for such is the place of my own origin, the realms of the deva, of the angels and the free. It is the intention of this text to provide a map of understanding, an honouring of the avatars of this realm as they occur in their current forms, and a reminder to us all that magick and wonder are real, and that we can live in a brighter World, one of peace and redemption with the Aina, the sacred land that is the source of our vitality and the Mother of us all.”

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