We and the Land are One

It was in sacred Findhorn, during “Faerie Roads” in 2009, that the Aina showed me another Truth of the mortal condition.  I was working the Land, thankful for the graciousness of hosting we had been provided by the stewards of this intentional community.  Years of work with the deva had focused the energies in this place, I could see the lines of effort and excellence across the landscape.  The Song of the Green was heard well here, more so than most places.

I was led, as I often have been, to clear out some detritus in the forest.  Rusted hunks of metal from a mound.  I could feel it, like a sore upon the Land, reflecting in my awareness and proceeded to get a wheelbarrow and work to remove it.

2009 was a tough year.  I was terribly anxious about the human condition, angry at the limitation of my awareness in the mortal plane.  Things were splintered, inside and under relentless pressure.  I could not See clearly, though I strove to.  “Faerie Roads” for me was a Quest of redemption, in which I had vision of the Grail herself, then granted access to my exalted aspects through such alignment.

It was a great time of Understanding.  Of layers peeling away such that I could see what the Mythica needed me to see.  And as I stood there, feeling the life-force flow through me, the clearing and cleansing that is the kiss of the Aina, I saw the Truth.

That WE were the Garden.  There was no separation.  Made of the very substance of the Land.  And, as we cleared the territories within our Selves, our outer World changed, for all things were made of the same primal clay.  As we come to understand this, we walk a magickal road, leading us to places of synchrony, brightness and wonder.


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