2017 – Island of the Gods

2017 - Island of the Gods

06 February 2017

“Agape -The Quiet Mind”

“The Quiet Mind” Return to Agape At last I have the meeting with the Beckwith Brother in th

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01 March 2017

“The Yoga Quest”

“The Yoga Quest” Kundra Rose and I make the jump along the rainbow bridge back to the Island of

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05 March 2017

“Into the Akasha”

“Into the Akasha” The Soma Synchronicity Disco

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11 March 2017

Garden of the Mind

“Garden of the Mind” Journey into the Green

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18 March 2017

“Bards & Kings”

“Bards & Kings” A gathering occurs on the island,  collecting many of the avatars of the Mythic

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19 April 2017

Aurors & Avatars

“Aurors and Avatars” Aurors of Hogwarts Snakes

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11 May 2017

“Roses in the Water”

“Roses in Water” Waters of Freedom The Aina is so healing.  Kundra Rose, her ally and I ma

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23 June 2017

Waters of Life

Waters of Life A Northern Grace

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03 July 2017

“9 Angels”

“9 Angels” The Great Adventure 9 Angels F

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17 August 2017

“A Pirate Story”

“A Pirate Story” Where Land Meets Water Signs

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27 August 2017

“Pyramids of Chi”

“Pyramids of Chi” Bards and Bodhisattva’s As I return from the visa run back to Ubud, I dis

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12 September 2017

“Jewels of the Djedi”

“Jewels of the Djedi” I receive a transmission from one of the avatars, recognizing himself as s

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11 November 2017

“Zen Awakening – Garden of the Gods”

“Zen Awakening” The Eastern Coast Returning from the Isle of the Gods, I fulfill the agreem

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05 December 2017

“The Nectar of Naples”

“Nectar of Naples” Just as it seemed as though we were trapped in the Wildwood of Zen Awakening,

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