2017-7-3 – “9 Angels”

Following the hint from the traveler I meet in the realms of Kismet, I find my way to ‘9 Angels’, a place of gathering frequented by the many travelers of the Island on the Gods.  Here, I smell the bright tones of the free folk, the wanderers, the circus champions and modern myth makers …

Here, in the Map of Synchronicity, I run into Ignacio Quiroga, occurring for me in the Mythica as the embodiment of the gypsy traveler, the Sea King, much like Hjeron or myself hold a royalty of the sideway highways, bringing travelers across the rainbow bridge on his sacred vessel, Huia.

Recognizing each other in our legend, we immediately hit it off, and he is kind enough to share a video with me about his relationship with the Sea …

As I move through the tables, I sense a blossoming magic. A young woman, sitting nearby. Settling next to her, I ask her about her magic. Her name is Leela Leigh …

Lady Christina

Bubbles & Magic

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Ignacio Quiroga, Leela Leigh (@leelaleigh)

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