2017-3-5 – “Into the Akasha”

At this on the Island of the Gods, I am deep in the building of the Mythica, only taking occasional moments to leave my bungalow and travel through the more public realms. Here, I’m led to a place called ‘Akasha’, which I find incredibly apropos as a bastion for ambassadors of the Emergent World …

2017-3-8 – A Pantheon of Presence

That Bloom and Anahata continue to show up is so significant. As I look beneath the surface of the World, I see them, seeds of the New Earth, expressions of the Divine Intelligence of the Land, crossing our Paths in perfect circumstance as part of our shared mission to embody a more heavenly Earth. Previous to this moment, I had last seen the pair in 2015, during the “Lightning in a Bottle” episode of the Journey Home.

Here once again was the glyph of the World Tree, lit by stars, the Akasha expressing herself through the incarnate plane in this place …

Guardians of the Galactic

Medicine Journeys

2017-3-12 – Maiden of Mindvalley

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Justin Stearman (@justinstearman), Robin Lipeman “Bloom” (@bloom), Anahata
Kundra Rose (@autumnroses)

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