2017-11-18 – “Zen Awakening”

Returning from the Isle of the Gods, I fulfill the agreement with Niekko Chin during the 2016 episode “God Loves You” of the Journey Home.

Here, I intersect with Yeshua in the Orlando airport on the eastern coastline of the Americas.

Flush with the grounded energies of Bali and still humming with reception of the Opening Tone from the deva of Australia, I feel the nature of the rainbow bridge more deeply than ever.  Though we had barely any money between us, we knew this was the way to Heaven on Earth, tracking our way along the underlands of the Mythica.

“They’re ANGELS” she whispers, her eyes catching the wings of our aura.

Entering the Wildwood

We are escorted to the site where Niekko’s sacred festival ‘Zen Awakening’ is preparing to open, marking the beginnings of the next phase of the Quest.

It is so good to see Niekko again! To feel the radiance of his noble Heart in it’s place of service!

The Gong Guardian

Entering the tent, we come into a sacred sanctuary filled with gongs and other instruments of tone …

Yeshua lies down, allowing the Guardian to work his sound magics over his prone form. The sense of delicacy, of potency of vibration rings through the air, cleansing the space as I watch the guardian’s prowess unfold, kissing the edges of Yeshua’s aura awake as ripples of bright resonance move across the ethers of the Akasha through his form …

He looks at me then, and speaks.

“Thank you, Shiva.” he says, and bows to me deeply, sending ripples of impressions across the substance of the akasha.

American Gods – East

Niekko is a true brother, granting us a complimentary tent near the Gong Temple nestled in the Garden of the Gods. Such is a beautiful sanctuary for my Fae senses so recently arrived from the similarly themed Island of the Gods.

The Jewel of the Woods

As we round the corner, I sense a vibration. One I hadn’t felt in many years. That of my fellow guardian, Julie Woods.

The Badlands

We continue our journeys through the realmscape of Zen Awakening, the Path leading us down a back trail where we are suddenly inquired by a hidden voice …

Servant of the People

* Exclusive Report * – King Niekko denies Kingship. This reporter calls bullshit.

We catch up with Niekko, endlessly busy organizing the event, at the headquarters, where he grants us a space to set up our laptops and work on the Mythica within the space. As we enter, I share with him my appreciation of what he is embodying, the virtue I regard as Kingship in the octaves of the Mythica.

The Modern Mystery School

As we wander through the realms, we discover that the tent we had been assigned to give the workshop is not set up. Trusting the Universe, we invoke that we are led to the most appropriate place, and listen for the way forward …

As we approach the pyramid, I intentionally remind Yeshua of the nature of the realms of the Mythica. How we are arriving on the surface expression of that mythopoetic landscape, it’s window made clear in the invocation of the Zen Awakening.

It is in these moments that the magic of the Mythica truly reveals herself as we open the sacred space within the pyramid and invoke the teaching.

… mere moments after I spoke the words, a figure arrives at the front of tent, clad in an Anubis mask with the sigil of wings upon his chest. I can scent the magic immediately, the embodied God-ness of his Aspect.

“I felt the energy call me here” he says, proving the Mythica to form.

(discovering) – He tells me his name is Navi Ethereal, and he is a wayshower, an opener between realms.

I smile. Of course he is. Such is the substance of our Stories.

(Later, along my timeline, Navi will appear again, intersecting with us in perfect synchronicity during the ‘Return to Cascadia’ episode of 2018 …)

As with all of the portals of the flickering realms, Zen Awakening changes, the textures of the shifting consciousness transforming as the day bleeds away into night.

It is a different feeling here on the Eastern coastline of the Americas, here in the southeastern sectors of what the surface World refers to as ‘Florida’.

The Realms of Fire

Shaping the Mythica

We are led into my realms, those of Fire and endless Dance. Of the magics of the incandescent transformation, the lightning and the light. Here, Yeshua sees me in new light, recognizing my Aspect and how different it is from the tones of Earth that make up his legend.

The energy leads us forward, to a cul-de-sac overlooking the ritual space. Here we encounter the guardians of the realm, a pair of magicals named Alex Ariazza and ……

So many times have I walked around the Fires of the Flickering Realms, those places of momentary incarnation, sparks of dawning light playing out on the surface of the Worlds. Where we stand in community and collaboration, witnessing our inner magic more clearly in the Fire of our free expression.

The Temple Burn

Julie Woods speaks, sharing her sacred Voice. I am so proud of her, to have seen us both come so far in bringing our teachings to the people. As I witness her, she bears the glyph of Pink Floyd’s album ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, with light passing through a prism casting it’s rainbow through the darkness.

Such is so apropos for me, as I witness her in the Mythica, an angelic avatar devoted to the service of the people, walking her way through the human World.

Honouring Christ

What she tells me is majestic. The essence of the liberation from the old paradigm, wrought within the substance of her own unfolding myth. It is a beautiful thing of True Faith and Surrender to her personal savior.

Serving the Goddess – Clearing the Land

As we continue to clean, Niekko shows his dedication. Despite the burning to his foot, he insists, the three of us working together to clear out the headquarters.

As we wait, almost all the other avatars leave. I sense that our aid is required by Niekko, that we are to help him clear out the trash and detritus left in the aftermath of the many challenges that he faced in the invocation of the Zen Awakening.

The Southern Winds

It works! We are able to rent a vehicle, making our way from the Wildwood without a moment to spare!

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Niekko Chin (@masterechin), Yeshua Lucis (@yeshualucis)

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