Notes from the Quest – Proving the Way Home

Notes from the Quest –

I’m sitting in ‘Juicy Ladies’, a vegan/organic restaurant right outside of Topanga canyon.  In terms of the Journey Home, this occurs during the ‘Rain and Revelation‘ storyline.  As sit here, my throat still raw and hurting from the emotional release I did (see the Story), I recall WHY I created the Mythica.  To illustrate the proof, that we live in a Friendly Universe, that through the application of techniques, whether the techniques of Life Visioning, Ho’oponopono, or the many courses offered at the Academy (coming soon), that we can change our reality.

See I recognized that we didn’t always Remember.  That our access was inconstant, and much of our human process was the bringing down of that veil.  Coming back to the Truth that lay beneath the surface of our consciousness.  That we really ARE supported, that things really are part of something larger.  Something beautiful.  That there was a way OUT of the confusions, back to the Goodness and Grace that is our birthright.  I constructed her to illustrate the nature of consciousness, communicating a very deep, very subtle perspective on the Creation in a way that could (ideally) be digested by the various octaves of the Commonwealth.

She investigates and proves the nature of the unfoldment, in a very real, grounded way.  Focusing on the Idea that we live in the reflection of our own prism, or lens of Self, and that if we want to change the ‘outer’ circumstance, we must change the ‘inner’, for they are one and the same.  And, that everything is happening in accordance with a larger, benevolent paradigm.  This doesn’t excuse us from the Work we need to do to change our circumstance, but it does give us easement in the Knowing that we are, in fact, supported.

Here’s an example.  As I sit here, i’ve been doing Self-Love work all day, and using ‘Manifestor’ consciousness a la’ the Life Visioning principles.  As I have, things have been opening up.  Subtly, yet I can feel the difference.  It happens in the most subtle of ways.  Example, I just got ‘ubermenu’ working in a better way.  It’s a plug-in for the Mythica site, that showcases the menus in a more simplified way for visitors.  It seems like a small thing, but it’s important.  I noticed that BEFORE this moment in time, I just didn’t have access to figure out how to implement the change.  Yet, with the practices, the Knowledge came to me, shifting the experience.  Likewise, a lovely new ally sat down with me to eat, and i’ve been having an ongoing discussion with brother-avatar Paradox Pollack, who, in a beautiful video, really demonstrated his appreciation of the deeper aspects of the Mythica.

Simultaneous, I finally wrote the letter to my former beloved, expressing how hurt I had felt in our exchange while simultaneously appreciating the Love that she represented and my implementation of that very thing to increase the manifestation of that thing in my field.  Noticing the lovely new ally sitting down next to me was a proof of that application, that by a) cutting the cords with the previous relationship, and b) FEELING the Love and embodying it, things appeared in my halo of manifestation.

Now, why did these things happen? Remember that everything is connected.  My ability to see the solution to the ubermenu issue, Paradox getting the Idea, all of these things are part of a ‘Collective’ consciousness.  I know this.  I’ve SEEN this.  Similar, after the massive amounts of Self-clearing work I did two days ago, I received a letter from two allies with whom there had been minor disharmony.  Both recognized where they were at, and appreciated me, revealing it in messages on the Facebook.

These are not meaningless occurrences.  They are the sign of movement forward.  As I cleared the patterns within my Self, so did the circumstances of my life open and expand.  It is the NATURE of the healing, in which every little thing in our Life is a proof of our applied technique.

The Quest continues.



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