Vedic City – Siddha and Superpower

I was born with superpowers.  Gifted with special abilities to help save the World.  For a long time, I thought I was the only one.

I was wrong.

As I write this entry, i’m sitting in the office of an ally, Raentuka; a great magickian-King.  Though on the Surface of perception it looks like a tastefully painted and arranged workspace; such is more deeply Seen as a temple to the Divine made manifest.  Grids of light, fields of energy carefully constructed and bearing the signature of Raentuka’s magick, weave all across the space, shifting and defining the shape.  An icon of Shiva sits in the window, paintings of Shakti and sculptures of the Divine Feminine on all sides.  In the subtleties of magick and awareness, these things are beacons, radiating a timbre of Light that defines.  There is a radiance here of productivity, of expansion, of deep tantra and the blessed virtue of form.  Here, in such a temple, my own Powers increase, affected in bright consequence by it’s inherent Nature.

The office is located in the Vedic City, a Place currently incarnate as  ‘Fairfield, Iowa’.  Such is the same Land where the Maharishi University is located, where the siddhi are discussed and explored.

Don’t know what siddhi are? You’re not the only one.  ‘Siddhi’ is the yogic word for the natural abilities of consciousness that are revealed when we step closer to God.  When we open, when we 12270272_10206365109180349_462519925_nreturn to who and what we really are.  They are the superpowers within our species, wishing to be Remembered.  We all have them, somewhere inside, waiting to be expressed.  Here, on this sacred Land, the Maharishi, an avatar like myself, was brought here, to disseminate the teachings.  To play his Divine part in the unfoldment of the human condition.  Long after his shift from the Incarnate plane, the vibrations remain.  A college of meditators, dutifully applying the techniques presented to them to the best of their ability.

That I arrive here on the Quest is perfect synchrony, delivering the Gift of Awareness to those who I am ordained to meet.

We were led here by Shanti, the wandering Sadhu.  Another siddha (an avatar possessing siddhic powers, like myself), moving across the planes of the Creation along with the Jarnagin and Sunia the Bright.  A collection of champions in service to the Divine.  As with all aspects of the Mythica, I simply Witness where I am led, what events transpire, and what aspects of the Creation are mine and my fellows to redeem such that we may all rise to our True Glory.

Let’s talk about the siddhi, and how they relate to our emergent superpowers.

Understand this; we are far more than we appear to be on the Surface.  The deeper Truth is that we are living Goddesses, living Gods, born with particular powers and imprints to fulfill our function in the great unfoldment of God’s plan.  For a long time, only a few avatars possessed access to the siddhi, often requiring extensive austerities and practices to clear away the confusion and reveal that which was already there, the embodied Divinity that lay just past the veil of incarnate amnesia.

Yet when we clear, our particular Gifts become apparent.  Powers and abilities inherent to our Nature.  Though they are often misperceived to be something ‘supernatural’, this is not the case.  In truth, there is nothing ‘super’ natural.  Everything is NATURAL.  Part of our intrinsic value.  As incarnates, we have relative degrees of access to this, so from a position of ignorance of one’s own Self, it can be wrongly perceived as ‘outside’ what is natural, Good, and True.

rainbow angelic selfTo my siddhi, incarnate beings appear as matrixes of Light.  Fields of energy held together by a fluid definition of Self.  A living watercolor, dancing in the rain.  Depending on the configuration of those energetics, those imprints of devic quality, beings display a variety of siddha.  “Powers-of-consciousness”.  These, on a structural level, form the basis of the various incarnations of ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’, each bearing a unique siddhic imprint in accordance with their function in the Great Unfoldment.

In pre-Ascension mythology, what beings often refer to as the ‘old paradigm’, the siddhi were often called ‘Perfections’.  Attainments of elemental resonance which produced effects on the Incarnate plane.  ‘Magick’.  Yet, as I have stated, there is nothing unnatural about them.  In contrast, they are the most natural of things, far more in alignment with the Goodness and Grace of God’s perfection than the pollution and ethical detritus that has defined the previous paradigm.

Consider this, as this article comes to a close.  Within You are certain abilities.  Abilities of healing, of clarity, of warmth and wonder.  Talents that You ALREADY POSSESS, waiting to be deepened into.  Though You may aspire to a deeper telepathy, to move or bend the substance of reality, to manifest, to dissolve and resolve, the first understanding is that You * already are *.  That the powers and abilities You display in their nascent form are the seeds of the Perfection of that form wishing to express.

Take a moment to reflect on this.  What are the powers You already possess? They may seem mundane, yet that is only when they are viewed from a mundane perspective.  Are you a vessel of Love? Of Beauty? Of Clarity? Are You the being that others turn to when they need a Guardian? Are You the Hearth that keeps them warm against the dark?

These are not idle things.  They are the seeds, the very firmament of the ability to manifest Food, to embody Beauty, to step into the Glory that is your birthright.  And it begins with appreciation.  Coming to See the value that You already possess, and watering those seeds for their bloom.

If you would like to know more about the siddhi and how you can activate your superpowers, consider joining the Mythica.  We’re all in this together, and it’s our Time to Rise.






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