The Rising Phoenix

ITM - Andrea

The World of Myth is filled with many Characters.  Beings from lineages representing both Yesterday and Tomorrow.  As our consciousness changes and evolves, beings are reborn and follow Paths which lead them to embody and then create evolutionary fields of healing, wholeness and manifestation.

One of these beings is Andrea Sullivan; the “Red Phoenix”.  An adept in the Shiatsu Arts and a member of the Universal Heroes, the Red Phoenix (named after the mythic interaction of the Phoenix and the Dragon in Chinese mythos) carries within her the imprints of a new modality of healing; one that addresses not only the shallow physicality of our conditions; but the layers upon layers of dimensional confluence that are our larger, brighter Aspect coming through into the Incarnate plane.

In the journey deeper into the Mythica and witnessing the arrival of the avatars of the Emergent World; the Red Phoenix appeared in late 2012; part of a group of aspirant Djedhi led by David Beaudry (of the Guardian Alliance) and Andrew Morrissey.  It was a beautiful confluence; held in the sacred Land of Thailand; where we were instructed in the resurgent arts of Qi Gong and the Gene Keys; a mixture of ancient and new traditions most appropriate for the evolving paradigm.

It is a beautiful thing; and she is not alone.  All across the globe, the lineages and imprints of the old paradigm are transforming; becoming something greater.  We are learning that we are so much deeper than we know, aligning the textures of Light and Love that lay at the center of our being.  Awakening to the expansive wonderment that is our Truth.

Readers in search of a new octave of healing can find Andrea’s work at ‘Phoenix Healing Hands‘.



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