2016-3-30 – The Remembered

As I sit here, in the temple of Faust nestled within the coils of the Dragon of Crestone; I consider where the Quest has led me.  Thankful for the Remembrance of the great process; the Awakening of humanity to which we are all a part.  It is such a liminal, subtle thing.  There are times when I am unsure of my movements, only that I must continue; that the Quest is everything.  Yet at times, there is not even the full clarity of what it means to be on the patricia faustQuest; a clear channel to describe just what I am doing and why.

For the past thirteen years, i’ve traveled across the planes of the Creation; mapping out the mythical Worlds.  Such has been the manifestation of a spellwork woven during my time at the Academy; a holistic consolidation of the various aspects of mystical knowledge and application I had been studying there.  It was been a wilde ride, to say the least; one which has; and continues to demand everything out of me; a devotion to the Story; to the majesty of our unfoldment.

At the Academy, I studied divination.  The art of Seeing.  We went deeply into tarot, into runes, into the aspects of divination and the fundamental elements that constituted all form in the Incarnate plane.  After I left such learning environs, I traveled across the dimensions, encountering all manner of avatars and beings in various states of their own Remembrance.  At the time, I did not quite realize exactly what I was doing, only that such was how I was Led; what I was ordained to do, in Service to the Divine.  Over time, the Quest would prove itself; I gained more and more understanding, more and more clarity; eventually passing the thresholds of Self-Realization and the liminal boundaries of Clarity itself.  I deepened into what I always was; an avatar of union between the human and deva planes.  An ambassador and representative of a clarified octave of consciousness.

It wasn’t easy.  No Quest is, really.  Anything that is worth anything takes effort; ‘lest we do not recognize the value of it in it’s proper embodiment.

I realize now I set out to prove a thing.  To demonstrate and reveal that which was going on; the deeper octave of our shared human experience.  The fundamental physics of the Quest, the Laws by which our manifestation operated; and how all of us were connected; part of a unified collective of consciousness wishing to Know itself in it’s resplendence.  That we indeed lived within the reflections of our own timbre of being; that the circumstances of our lives were wrought by forces and physics; ever-present regardless of the depth of awareness to which we perceived them.  Like Gravity; like Time; there were constants in the Universe.  Fundamental forces that literally defined the ways in which our lives were created; of which the state of our own awareness was the true fulcrum; the lens through which we could experience the Light of the Divine manifest.

It has been a long journey; mapping out the lines of Remembrance; so that beings may come to Know themselves once more.

We are more than what we seem on the surface.  There is a constancy of pattern that is more constant than the shifting forms that we experience on the Surface of our awareness.  A great web of interconnected synchronies and kismet that is the deeper causality of our human experience.  Such has, at times, been referred to as the “akashic field”, a numinous weaving of timelines and destinies, of events and unfoldments that is the deeper crystallization of the pattern of God’s unfoldment.

Most beings in the Incarnate plane have not cultivated the sensitivity and subtlety of awareness to perceive such things, and as such; the pattern of our unfoldment often remains the province of divinatory and seers.  Such is a beautiful thing, for within it is the very Quest to Know Thy Self; to come to understand the intrinsic destiny inherent in our human lives.  Though we often do not perceive it, it is this very amnesia and the demand for investigation that * defines* our heroic journey.



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