Exploring Faerie

When one explores the territories of the Mythica; they are engaging in a journey across the realms of their own Self.  Engaged in the shamanic action of personal transformation; observing the results of their inner work in their outer manifestation.  The principle is firmly rooted in the mystical axiom, ‘As Within; So Without’; which is interpreted in the Mythica to mean; You are encountering the vibrational equivalents of your current embodiment in the field around You.  That we live in a very real, physical manifestation of the quality and timbre of vibration that we are embodying.

In my journey Home, I have been to many of the realms of Faerie.  I have met many avatars, been to many locations, which were made of this very specific texture; this specific vibration of energy.  There is a commonality beneath all the occurrences of this; a shared resonance of experience.  Beings who live in Faerie have manifestations which are invariably associated with the natural World; with the Green and the Gold; the have a deepened awareness of relationship with the deva-kami; also known as faeries; the elemental intelligences of the World.  When we look at the physics of the quest; we understand that it is because of the vibration that * I * am embodying that I am encountering such avatars in the field.  That I am arriving at circumstance which reflects this principle; this Law of Reflection; at all times.

This has applied all throughout my Path.  It is the realmsign of the realms that I have moved through in the infinite landscape of the Mythica.  From the Fairy Congress to Findhorn; I have traveled deep across the territories of her blessed grass.

As a childe, I was always very connected to the deva.  Moreso than human beings.  The elemental spirits of the wind, the water, the earth and the fire; all spoke to me; a language far more primal and intuitive than what passed for human communication.  In fact, for me, I was more; far more resonant with the deva than the human condition in general; as my Readers have come to see.  As my journey home progressed, I came to see more and more my archetypical definition in the realms of Faerie; the purpose behind the mystical occurrences in my Life that related to this luminous and sanctified aspect of the Creation.

During my time at the Academy, studying the Faerie arts; I went even deeper; encountering more and more avatars and Characters from the realms of Faerie as they occurred in the Incarnate plane.  It has been a great adventure.  Beings like Hjeron O’Sidhe, like Noah McLain; Raven and Jesse Wynden and more; my journeys to the faerie landscape of Livingwell; to the mystical Fairy Congress; and (as I write this entry) the upcoming journey to the Mythic Worlds gathering in the northern territories of Cascadia.


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