2016-2-1 – Suffering and the Realms of Madness

As I sit in the trailer granted to me by Shivoso, parked outside the Ark temple I reflect, on the suffering and struggle that has made up the bulk of my journey across the Akasha, deeper into the realms of the Mythica.  Inspired by the constant question from brother Paradox about where the suffering is in my photos or display in the Mythica.

This frustrates me, for from my vantage, the Mythica has * mostly * been about suffering.  About facing and dealing with the Shadowlands of the human condition.  Of being inside the madness of the unrealized and splintered state of being, desperate to do whatever I can to get out of that position and stay in the luminant states of my higher aspect, embodied.  To me, moving through Shadow along the rainbow road to the Brightlands has been the VERY PURPOSE of the Mythica.  So when I’m questioned on this, it feels like what I’m doing is not actually being seen, which only reinforces the feeling of isolation.

For so long I’ve traveled across the realms of suffering.  That being said, I have also spent a good amount of time in the Brightlands, the beautiful realms of expansive awareness, of connection to the Land, the octaves of embodied Goddesses and Gods.  Through the journey deeper into the Mythica, I have met the actual manifestations of Divine beings, manifest, including the recognition that I myself am one of those beings.

In the video I mention that I once met the avatar of Delirium, meaning the embodied version of the character from the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman, manifest on the streets of New York.  It was a moment where I realized that in her manifestation I was living in her realm.  That of delirium, splintered from the clarified perception of the realms and the manifestation of that wholeness and Goodness.  Such was early in the Quest for me, before 2002 – Leaving Yorke, when I made my way from the urban landscape into the bosom of the Mother on the islands of Kauai.  Meeting Delirium in person showed me what I needed to do, to make my way through the suffering and the endless rage, through the confusion and madness that was my own splintered consciousness to wholeness, through any means necessary.  Such would be one of the inspirations, to travel across the realms of the Akasha deeper into the Mythica, finding my way.

It was a time of delirium, surely.  I sought an end to the suffering.  An end to that delirious movement through the aspects of my own splintered Self.

Yet Delirium was once Delight.  And in such reflection, I resolved to make my way, to heal, and forge a path back to the Grace and Goodness that was the Brighter World.  Such would be inspiration, to do what I had to do, picking up the pieces from the kicked-in window of my awareness and reassembling the jigsaw that was my wholeness.



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