2016 – The Sword in the Stone

2016 - Sword in the Stone

18 Jan

2016-1-18 – “The Ark”

I am led once more to the Ashland Shire, where I encounter Shivoso Phoenix, who agrees to allow me

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07 Feb

2016-2-7 – “Guardians of Faerie”

I am led once more into the realms of Faerie, traveling to the Mythic Worlds festival, an aspect of

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10 Feb

2016-2-10 – “The Children’s Crusade”

Leaving the City of Portals, I wonder how I can get the funding for the Mythica, a team of allies t

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15 Feb

2016-2-15 – Walk the Mountain

Walking the mountain, feeling the textures of the deva, clearing and cleansing me as I make my way.

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22 Feb

2016-2-22 – “The Southern Roads”

The road to the Southlands is thick with difficulty, where, with limited funds, we face the trials

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01 Mar

2016-2-29 – “The Leiflands”

There is the quality of Kingship, that of the Grail Kings and their service to the Garden, that

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10 Mar

2016-3-10 – Clan Nanáwa – The Labyrinth of Story

As I travel back through the City of Angels, once more I am given sanctuary by clan Nañawa. Here,

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17 Mar

2016-3-17 – “The Sword in the Stone”

God’s Way Love One of the greatest victories on the Quest occurs as I am led to the Boulder Gard

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21 Mar

2016-3-21 – “Roads of Faith”

Leaving the Boulder Gardens, I continue to invoke the vibrations of the Course in Miracles, absorbi

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23 Mar

2016-3-23 – “Dawn of the Dragon”

I return once more to the realms of the dragon that occur for me in the Ley of the lands of Creston

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05 Apr

2016-4-5 – Shadows and Light

24 Apr

2016-4-24 – “The Vedic City”

A huge healing goes on between myself and the aspect of my self that manifests as the Sadhu, the fe

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01 May

2016-5-1 – “The Magician’s Apprentice”

Little did I know that Yeshua Lucis and I would embark on the Quest together when we first meet in

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14 May

2016-5-14 – “Eve of the Dragon”

In which I did all manner of spellcraft, really getting into my groove and feeling like that scene

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07 Jun

2016-6-7 – “God Loves You”

One of the greatest lessons on the Quest happens as Yeshua and I leave the dragonspine of Crestone

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17 Jun

2016-6-17 – “The Cosmic Carnival”

Intent on keeping my word to Lady Ariane, Yeshua and I travel across the Mojave desert en route to

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21 Jun

2016-6-21 – “Earthstar”

Colin leads us to a piece of land called ‘Earthstar’, where I am able to dock the caravan. While w

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30 Jun

2016-6-30 – “The Realized Self”

I am invited to a gathering called ‘Hypothesis’ with a number of the avatars of the Galactic. This

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10 Jul

2016-7-10 – “The House of Love”

The lesson of Faith & Love comes to me as the principles of the Friendly Universe express thems

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13 Jul

2016-7-13 – “Test and Testimony”

I make it to the Agape ministry at last, hoping to encounter Michael Beckwith, yet he is not there.

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24 Jul

2016-7-24 – “Way of the Wizards”

Leaving Idyllwild, I am given sanctuary by the wizard and galactic guardian Lucien Vattel in his re

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20 Aug

2016-8-20 – The Golden Horse

Upon Adam Steinberg’s recommendation, an ally of his offers me sanctuary at their home in Beverly H

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23 Aug

2016-8-23 – “Bards & Queens”

The Great Story shows itself in synchronicity as I encounter ambassador Anna Bliss at the nexus poi

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28 Aug

2016-8-28 – “Blackrock – Asgard Rising”

Another super-magical adventure into the City of Dreams as I witness Hjeron’s aspect coming into

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27 Sep

2016-9-27 – “Symbiosis”

My trust in the unfoldment and in the techniques of manifestation comes right to the line as I

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04 Oct

2016-10-4 – “The Golden Nectar Palace”

I am led to the Golden Nectar Palace once more, there to encounter the magics of Nathan, of Mikaela

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07 Oct

2016-10-7 – “OneLove”

Nature Dreamweaver and I head southwards, back towards the Southern Kingdoms to create one of his s

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13 Oct

2016-10-13 – “Portal to the New Earth”

Once again I encounter Samson Love and the avatars of the Awakening at the sacred Boulder Gardens,

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21 Oct

2016-10-21 – “The Sanctuary”

“The Sanctuary” It is almost beyond belief to me that I would leave my laptop behind. With vi

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06 Nov

2016-11-6 – “The Doctor is In”

A HUGE nexus of Story-energy occurs in the City of Angels during the opening days of Dr. Strang

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14 Nov

2016-11-14 – “Tribes of the Moon”

The Moon Goddess of the Temple of the Golden Horse suddenly invites me to drive down to the City of

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19 Nov

2016-11-19 – Tribes of Topanga

NOTE – I feel to put an introduction to the Mimosa tribe and my time in Topanga, featuring Mathers,

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20 Nov

2016-11-20 – “Agape”

At last, I arrive at the Agape Ministry, there to encounter Michael Beckwith.Having first encounter

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06 Dec

2016-12-6 – “Cirque Royale”

The Path continues to intersect with my fellow road king Niekko Chin as we converge in the City of

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12 Dec

2016-12-12 – Corazon

I continue to live in Carnia, spending all the time I can at Mimosa’s cafe working on the Mythica.

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