2016 – The Sword in the Stone

2016 - Sword in the Stone

18 Jan

“The Ark”

“The Ark” Iam led once more to the Ashland Shire, where I encounter Shivoso Phoenix, who agrees

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07 Feb

“Guardians of Faerie”

“Guardians of Faerie” I am led once more into the realms of Faerie, traveling to the Mythic Worl

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10 Feb

“The Children’s Crusade”

“The Children’s Crusade” Leaving the City of Portals, I wonder how I can get the funding for the

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15 Feb

Walk the Mountain

“Walk the Mountain” Touching Ground Walking the mountain, feeling the

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22 Feb

“The Southern Roads”

“The Southern Roads” The Tire Saga Begins Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,

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25 Feb

“The High Performance”

“The High Performance” After consulting with both Adelaide and Michael, I am led to the lands of

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01 Mar

“The Leiflands”

“The Leiflands” There is the quality of Kingship, that of the Grail Kings and their service to t

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10 Mar

Clan Nanáwa – The Labyrinth of Story

“Clan Nanáwa – The Labyrinth of Story” As I travel back through the City of Angels, once more I

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17 Mar

“The Sword in the Stone”

“The Sword in the Stone” One of the greatest victories on the Quest occurs as I am led to the Bo

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21 Mar

“Roads of Faith”

“Roads of Faith” Leaving the Boulder Gardens, I continue to invoke the vibrations of the Course

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23 Mar

“Dawn of the Dragon”

“Dawn of the Dragon” Matriarch of Dragons The World Tree speaks to me

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05 Apr

2016-4-5 – Shadows and Light

“Shadows & Light” Characters Appearing
24 Apr

“The Vedic City”

“The Vedic City” A huge healing goes on between myself and the aspect of my self that manifests

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01 May

“The Magician’s Apprentice”

“The Magician’s Apprentice” The Round Table Little did I know that Ye

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14 May

“Eve of the Dragon”

“Eve of the Dragon” In which I did all manner of spellcraft, really getting into my groove and f

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07 Jun

“God Loves You”

“God Loves You” A Question of Support Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, con

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17 Jun

“The Cosmic Carnival”

“The Cosmic Carnival” Entering the Realm Intent on keeping my word to

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21 Jun


“Earthstar” Colin leads us to a piece of land called ‘Earthstar’, where I am able to dock th

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30 Jun

“The Realized Self”

“The Realized Self” Hypothesis I am invited to a gathering called ‘Hy

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10 Jul

“Test & Testimony”

“Test & Testimony” The lesson of Faith & Love comes to me as the principles of the Friendly

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13 Jul

2016-7-13 – “Idyllwild”

“Idyllwild” Music & Merkaba Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur a

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24 Jul

“Way of the Wizards”

“Way of the Wizards” A Church of Colors Sanctuary of Wizards Lor

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20 Aug

“The Golden Horse”

“The Golden Horse” Upon Adam Steinberg’s recommendation, an ally of his offers me sanctuary at

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23 Aug

“Bards & Queens”

“Bards & Queens” The web of life reveals itself in the valley of Topanga as I intersect with Ann

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25 Aug

Closing the Circle

Closing the Circle Iron Mountain Lodge The journey northward leads me

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28 Aug

“Blackrock – Asgard Rising”

“Asgard Rising” Faith & Fortune Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectet

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10 Sep

The River of Gold

“The River of Gold” Voices of the Deva The sands of the playa are still clinging to my skin

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27 Sep


“Symbiosis” My trust in the unfoldment and in the techniques of manifestation comes right to the

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29 Sep

Fantastic Comics

Fantastic Comics Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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04 Oct

“The Golden Nectar Palace”

“The Golden Nectar Palace” Iam led to the Golden Nectar Palace once more, there to encounter the

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07 Oct


“OneLove” Signs of Eden Signs of the realm appear on the Quest, as my

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13 Oct

“Portal to the New Earth”

“Portal to the New Earth” The Sacred Synchronicities It’s particularl

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21 Oct

“The Sanctuary”

“The Sanctuary” In Perfect Timing It is almost beyond belief to me th

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06 Nov

“The Doctor is In”

“The Doctor is In” A HUGE nexus of Story-energy occurs in the City of Angels during the opening

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14 Nov

“Tribes of the Moon”

“Tribes of the Moon” The Moon Goddess of the Temple of the Golden Horse suddenly invites me to d

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19 Nov

“Tribes of Topanga”

“Tribes of Topanga” People of the Canyon

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20 Nov


“Agape” At last, I arrive at the Agape Ministry, there to encounter Michael Beckwith.Having firs

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06 Dec

“Cirque Royale”

“Cirque Royale” The Path continues to intersect with my fellow road king Niekko Chin as we conve

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12 Dec


“Corazon” Magics at Mimosas “I just got an intuition to come down h

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