The Goddess Temple and the Mythica

At this moment in the Story, alliances are being formed.  I see the larger constellate of our various pathlines coming together.  The air is thick with confluence.

As always, such a thing plays out through that which I have access to; that which feels Opening, and that which feels distraught across the surface of my gaze.  The great healing that has transpired here at Future Peak is bearing fruit; I am seeing the results of my application of redemptive yoga from position.  There is a sense of community, and of movement northward or southward from the nestled goodness of the mountains and the forest.

It is beautiful.  There is confluence, across my Path; revealing the reflection of alliance with the deva once more.

Of recent the Idea has transformed.  I take this to be a direct reflection of my own clearing of the lens of the Self.  I see how the collaboration; that sweet nectar of shared Purposing, is truly what fulfills.  The energy of being received and receiving, part of something Larger than the Self; yet honouring the uniqueness of the Self; simultaneous.  In the reflection of the current textures I see great potential; the Characters arraigned that could give birth to a phoenix of new media.  Media focusing on the sacred.  On the Divine Goddess and God.  A reference for Stories and techniques of our shared realization.

Yesterday I made way to the Goddess Temple.  That such a place appeared on my journey, synchronically aligned with Dakota’s water-wielding virtues; was intensely clarifying.  I could see ever more clearly the pattern that wished to emerge; the templates of the emergent World carried so long by their noble bearers wishing their right blossom onto the Incarnate.

I see it.  The temple can be the pulsing point of media and transcendence that Penny envisioned her to be.  The imprint is there.  The Futures, here atop Future Peak in the realms so close to the pulse of the valley of silicon; the confluence of mine and Dakota’s path to this place and the grounding and healing of my own incarnate Self all reveal the Great Story unfolding.

To hear Penny’s words, how aligned our understanding was of the transmission of the new form; was deeply relieving.  We are at an epicenter of new media; a genesis-point.  A place where our talents; those of the Futures; of the Goddess Temple, of the Deva, may come to collective fruition.

I go now, to meditate, clear the fields even more.  Every day I feel stronger about these yogas of redemption; the direct perception of the subconscious energies and the nature of awareness itself.


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