2015 – Union of the Kingdoms

2015 - Union of the Kingdoms

01 Feb

“The Castle”

“The Castle” There is a kind of inevitability to the events that transpired during the ‘Castl

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22 Feb

Mythic Worlds – “The Woodland Guardians”

“Mythic Worlds – Part 1” I am invited by Jesse Wynden to come to the Mythic Worlds festival, an of

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21 Apr

“Womb of the Mother”

“Womb of the Mother” The realms of Earth open to me as Fern DeFay and a number of the feral nob

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13 May

“Lightning in a Bottle”

“Lightning in a Bottle” Lightning in a Bottle The Golden Path Wynden Keep I am in

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28 May

“Grey School – Guardians of the Goddess”

“Grey School – Guardians of the Goddess” Led back to the realms of the Goddess, visiting Oberon

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01 Jun

“Leaving the Castle”

“Leaving the Castle” It is with a heavy Heart that I must leave the Castle without being able t

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24 Jun

“Union of the Kingdoms”

“Union of the Kingdoms” A major challenge awaits me during the Union of the Kingdoms gathering,

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04 Jul

“The Rosetta Stone”

“The Rosetta Stone” While staying at the Water Temple, I get an intuition, to head into towne a

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04 Jul


“Initiations” Clearly I am in the realms of Water and the Divine Feminine as the conditions of

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25 Jul

“Future Peak”

“Future Peak” Following the events of the Union of the Kingdoms, Dakota Chanel and I find sanct

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21 Aug

“Mermaids of the Magdalene”

“Mermaids of the Magdalene” In a flush of inspiration, Dakota and I head towards the Water, int

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01 Sep

“Future Peak – Part 2”

“The Experts Academy – Part 2” It’s a nearly constant agony as the splinter between myself and the

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