"Lightning in a Bottle"

Lightning in a Bottle

The Golden Path

Wynden Keep

I am invited by Nature Dreamweaver to join him in the construction of his sacred NEST during the Lightning in a Bottle gathering in the Southern aspects of the Americas…..

The Shire of Ashland

Journey through Shasta

Lady Ash

As I come into Tahingaard, I visit the healing sanctuary of my fellow alumni from the Academy, Lady Ash. Here, I witness a photo of the scrying mirror she created during our time, as well as the other aspects of magic that form her temple of healing …

The Valley of Grass

We travel to the dance-hall together, there to meet a number of the digital nomads of the emergent World, including my friend who shares a video of a dream he had with North …

Building the Nest

As we get to the grounds for Lightning in a Bottle, we look at the remains of the previous year’s NEST, and begin organizing ourselves for the construction, listening to the voices of the deva …

Avatar Anna

Our allies from the City of Angels arrive, sharing their Galactic wisdom and connection. I am privileged to witness Anna invoking her healing techniques, helping people to dissolve the patterns of their previous lives so we can step into the new World together …

The Travellers Camp

I am welcome at a camp of Travelers, recognizing my energy as harmonic and easy to be around …

The Nest Revealed

Ambassadors of the Galactic

Realms of Lightning in a Bottle

The Media Tent

Avatars of Abundance

While frustrated that I did not receive the artist pass along with the rest of the crew, I am led to the media lab, where a blessing awaits …

The Endless Circus

The Sun and the Moon

The Invocation of Love

Here, held in the embrace of a shared lightning, I invoke a spell of Love once more ….

The Bridge Brother

Using my subtle senses to track the energies, I find my way to Martin Bridge, encountering him in the Mythica at last. Like his brother, Martin occurs for me as an embodiment of the energies of Faerie, of that deep connection to the Earth and the manifestation of craft. A being of mythos and poetry.

A Gathered Pantheon

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Nature Dreamweaver – @nature, Evon Eisenberg (@ladyash), Ariane Labyrinth (@arianelabyrinth), Anna Bliss, Bloom (@bloom), Anahata, Joelle Nanáwa, Xichel, Martin Bridge, Ani Clearmoon, Matthew Machu , Stephen Michael Ehlinger II

Characters Appearing in this Episode