"Grey School - Guardians of the Goddess"

Led back to the realms of the Goddess, visiting Oberon Zell Ravenheart and other avatars on the way back towards the City of Portals, recognizing us all as guardians of the Goddess, each serving our Divine function ….

Bards at the Waterside

The Messengers

Joy at the Faerie Pools

The Temple of Water

At last, I am able to receive a Water cleansing from Jumana Sophia, the high priestess of Her Mystery school …

Wynden Keep – Clans of Faerie

I am stunned to be snapped at for witnessing photos, and cannot understand. Beneath the surface, the threads tangle and clash, feeling squeezed. I don’t like the sensation, yet work the magic, apologizing for causing offense while clearing the discomfort inside.

Nymphs on the Mountain

Once again I encounter the beautiful avatar Tori Bird Pope, this time with another nymph. Together, we travel to the local hill to witness photos dancing amongst the trees in resonance with the deva …

Faeries of the Fair

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Jesse Wynden (@intothewynden) , Raven Wynden , Emilio Lopez, Kelly Miller Lopez , Noah McLain, Marla McLain, Joyous Presence, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Jumana Sophia, Christian Wolfe , Tori Bird Pope

Characters Appearing in this Episode