2012 – Brave New World

2012 - Brave New World

09 Jan


“Onedoorland” As I return from my stay at Aerious, I receive an invitation

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27 Jan

“The Tribal Convergence”

“The Tribal Convergence” As I live within the sacred space of Onedoorland, I learn more about th

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07 Apr

“Island of the Gods – Part 1”

“Island of the Gods – Part 1” Angels Aligned Following the vision to bring Akira Chan, Adel

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21 Apr

Dreams and Gardens

“Dreams and Gardens” Chronicling the adventures with the Dream Awakening circus, consisting of

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20 May

“Return to Blinking Sun”

“Return to Blinking Sun” Once more the ritual of the solar eclipse arrives, and the many tribes

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01 Jul

“The Goddess Temple”

“The Goddess Temple” Discovering the Temple I had thought I was headed to a gathering calle

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13 Jul

“The Snake Temple”

“The Snake Temple” “The Snake Temple” As I make my way back up toward

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23 Jul

“Lord & Lady McLain”

“Lord & Lady McLain” The sacred wedding of Noah & Marla McLain, attended by many of the roya

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25 Jul

“Reunion of the Faerytale Brigade”

“Reunion of the Faerytale Brigade” “V” for Varlow One of my all-time favorite moments in th

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28 Jul

“Clans of Faerie”

“Clans of Faerie” After the mystical reunion of the Fairytale Brigade in New York, I make my ann

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03 Aug


“Illumination” James accepts my invitation to leave the grey angles of the City to join me in th

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11 Aug

“The Divine Mother”

“The Divine Mother” Continuing his adventure into the realms of the Mythica from New York, James

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17 Aug

“Shadows in the Green”

“Shadows in the Green” Passing the Portal We return to the faerie lan

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29 Aug

“Blackrock – Deva by Design”

“Blackrock – Deva by Design” The Dragonfly Keys

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04 Oct

“Universal Heroes”

“Universal Heroes” Soul on Fire Mansion of Heroes

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21 Dec

“In Darkest Knight”

“In Darkest Knight” Allies from Faerie The psychic beatings continue in a neverending storm

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