"Bards of Faerie"

Bards of Faerie

Continuing the Quest deeper into the Mythica, Ciardha and I make our way to the nexus of Faerieworlds, there to encounter the other nobles of the realm and the sacred bards of the Mythmaker …

The Mythmaker Camp

It is so good to encounter the other Lords and Ladies at the gathering. The scent of our shared Song is robust across my senses, thick with the deva of sacred Story.

Bards at the Bar

All magical Worlds must have a pub. It’s like, a rule. Or at least a heavy suggestion.

We gather at Oberon’s Tavern, a place for Adventurers. How I adore this place. The surface expression of the code of Avalon herself. Of the myth witnessed to real.

The Scarab of Healing

Our wanders through the Faerie Market bring us to an ally I had known from my initiations on beloved Kauai. Here, we encounter a shaman who barters with us for the sacred medicine of mushrooms, right in alignment with our invocation. A new ally and I discuss a session of healing, asking me to return later in the evening.

Eager for the healing, I return to the tent at the appointed time, yet she isn’t there.

It’s almost comical to me that once more I am called upon to do my own healing. That the support from the outside reflection does not feel to be there, and I must make my own way across the territories.

Resigning myself to the task, I align with the frequency of the scarab, feeling the mythlines across the horizon of my senses. The mushroom-deva moves through me in a sweet harmony, clarifying the distortions to open, granting me access. I feel it, a point of shifted reference, where I could work with my self from a distance, soothing and guiding the energies through the channel of my awareness ….

Wandering the Faerie Market

One never knows what they shall encounter as they make their way to the Faerie Market. Here, the tribes gather, sharing their wares and wonders, remembering their way to magic on laughter and love.

Musicians of Myth

It is the majesty of the bardic that remembers me as I witness my fellows from the octave of the Mythica …

The Morning After

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Hjeron O’Sidhe – @hjeronosidhe
Noah McLain – @noahmclain
Marla McLain
Malakai Schindel
Patience Yanderling
Ciardha Vomalitez
Alexander Perrelet
Ingrid Edstrom (@ingabird)
Jeff Behrends
Katelyn Carey (@kadriya)
Jordan Mackay (@oberon)