One of the greatest revelations about the underlands of the Mythica happened in 2010, a few months after I had walked the faerie roads with McLain and the Yanderling.

It was Summer, and I had just encountered the Beloved festival for the first time, finding my way after the event to the western coastline of Oregon with the Mythmaker. The festival had been fantastically magical, and we were restoring our energies, planning and divining the new adventures that lay on our shared horizons.

I had plans to retrieve North from the Holiday Kennels that held space for him while I went to the festivals, and eventually said my goodbye to the circus clan and made my way eastward, back towards the nexus of the Emerald City where the kennels were located, passing through a small towne called ‘Florence’ along the way. There, I sensed a vibration, an energy drawing me forward towards an outpost called ‘The Alpha-Bit Cafe’ for a spot of lunch …

continue to relentlessly track my way across the realms of the Mythica proving the principle that we are living in the halo of our own substance.  That when we are made of particular vibrations, we will encounter others of that frequency on the roads of synchronicity.  That through our embodiment, we navigate the pathways of the lands beneath the land.

The Alpha-Bit Cafe

The book was deeply meaningful to me, occurring across my awareness as a reflection of what I was moving through, mapping my way across the underlands of the Mythica.

(regarding the elf) – There’s a quality that people have. That which identifies them as what they are being. A certain “something”.

This girl had it. I sensed the forest in her, the elvish and lighted realms. It was an immediate sense of recognition, and it opened the space between.

I told her of my wolf, and my Quest to travel deeper into Faerie. She tells me of a place, deep within the nearby Deadwood forest, that I may resonate with.

The Alpha Farm


Eager to continue my explorations of the Mythica, I get the address and head back to the Holiday Kennels for my wolf.

Seeing the sign was the key. I could feel the resonances within it, the subtle energies of the deva. Here I saw WHY I had been led to the cannery by the elf, ever-deeper into the synchrony of moments which defines the experience of Faerie.


She proclaims herself a ‘pagan anthropologist’, a thing I find fascinating and resonant with my own journeys deeper into the Mythica …

McNutt takes us on a journey through the land, explaining the nature of place as he calls it, showing us the gridwork of altars and sacred spaces they have worked out with the deva.

It is beautiful to walk through such a place! To see the Law of Reflection in action, bringing me to places that equal my own vibration. All around me, I can feel the presence of the deva. The natural intelligence of the land, communicating with me. Soothing the energies within with the reminder of the primal Worlds.

The Three Selves

The Sacred Fire

Witnessing the physics beneath the Quest

A huge sense of accomplishment filled me in this place. A sense that I was peering into the underlying physics of the material world. By arriving at Livingwell, I was in the proof of the concept, that one would encounter the vibrational landscape of their own self along their timeline.

At it’s core, magic is about the elements. About one’s relationship with the Nature within and without. I had a sense of the assembled cast of characters as we gathered around the fire, each radiating for me with their own unique mysticism, their own aspect and definition. Here I saw the actual denizens of the realms of Faerie, appearing in the proper form, weaving together amongst the Green and the Grass.

The Shadow of Trust

Over time, Livingwell will become a place for my greatest lessons. A borderland between the faerie realm of my essence and the resolving distortions in the field of our shared unfoldment. It is here that I face the ripple of the right use of sexual energy and witness the infidelity of given words in a crucible of detachment and right-action. Here, I come to see the distortion in the realms of our shared rainbow.

It was as simple as a decision.  A voice from my intuition that I did not regard, where my explorations into the idea of “polyamory” had disastrous consequences, revealing the underlying patterns in the substance of the World.

Divining the Stars

This was so amazing. To have my fortune, the shape of my self read by the seer while sitting in a borderland of Faerie herself was the essence of the Mythica. Living the authentic mystical life, finding the worlds of wonder along the underlands of our vibration. As I listened to his divination as to my astrological arrangement, I felt us in the mythos itself – the tale of the fae adventurer across the many realms of the Creation sharing the treasures gained along the Quest with the people.

Characters Appearing

Mark McNutt
Marygold McNutt
Fern DeFay
Kate Hardeny

Archetypes & Avatars

There are many archetypes within our Stories.  Many different types of characters that appear along our Path.  As we make our journey to a new reality, we encounter the people, places and events that fill this role in our lives, each representing an aspect of consciousness within the Creation.

Physics of the Quest - Realms

There are Worlds within the World

Realms are the landscape of the Mythica.  The many realities that exist at different coordinates of time and space.

All Stories happen on a landscape. A mythical topography that defines the heroic journey of the character. While there are many ways to present that landscape, it is always one of movement through the psychic and physical territories of one’s own self and their adventure upon the earth.  It is at the intersect of these points, of the inner and outer, the surface and the subtle, that we discover the many realities, the many worlds of manifestation that lay upon the roots and branches of the World Tree.  Such as the subtle landscapes of legend upon which our path unfolds.

In the simplest sense, a realm is an entire reality, a world of conditions that exist at a certain coordinate of the World Tree.  It is where you are, It’s your state of being defined as a location.  The particular set of coordinates on the subtle maps that define your reality at any given moment.  As we explore the realms, we are looking at your sacred Path as a movement across a landscape of archetypical energies which mirror the vibrations of our inner World.

Think of a map. Yet instead of states and towns, think of states of being. Emotional states. Psychic states. Different aspects of an inner journey happening simultaneously with our outer movement through life.  It is a map entirely unique to you, made of the very colors of vibration that make up your inner world.  As you travel along your sacred path, your rainbow bridge between realms, gradually becoming who you are meant to be, it is this landscape that you travel.  The realms of your own rainbow in the manifest world.

Seen on the subtle and causal planes of awareness, these vibrational patterns manifest as entirely manifest realities.  Landscapes of interwoven synchronicities and resolving elements which lay beneath the surface of our everyday lives.

Key to this is understanding that your inner world manifests your outer.  That the elemental energies that make up your current self are literally manifesting themselves as your current reality.  It means you are living in the substance of your own story, in the refletion of your own energies.

As we move along the surface of the planet, we are simultaneously moving through this vast and subtle topography.  Through the many states of being that define our stories.  Together these things form the foundation for all worlds, also known as realms or realities.

There are worlds beneath the world.  Fields of subtle vibration that form the deeper substance of reality.  These are the underlands, the landscapes of legend which may be perceived on the subtle layer of Gaia’s ecosystem.

Realms do not simply exist in our inner landscape.  Like all things, they are part of the larger universe, existing in both the inner and outer worlds.  All across the planet there are places of distinctive vibration, places of  particular qualities of energy, all of which are part of the landscapes of legend that exist here, now, in the subtle perception of the real physical world.  As part of our sacred adventure of life, we are blessed to discover the realms that exist both within and without, to find the places on the surface of the planet that are made of the textures of our own resolving vibration.

As explorers of the new world, we are always discovering new realms.  New places of inner and outer reality.  As we travel along our journey, we map these places, revealing the deeper aspects of the tree of life that links us all.  Moving from one landscape to another on the road to a more heavenly earth. 

There is a subtle landscape to the world

There is an infinite range of realms and realities that exist within the Creation, each existing at a certain moment on space, time and depth of being.

Shadows on the Path

As we make our way along our sacred path, we face challenges.  Shadows in the way we view ourselves and the world, distortions in our relationships and conditions of difficulty.  In the context of the journey to a more heavenly earth, these are the manifestation of trauma and incoherence in the substance of the self, and must be cleared in order to make one’s way to a brighter version of their reality.

On our quest across the realms of our inner and outer world, we face challenges.  Patterns of incoherence that we share with others appearing in our sacred mirror.

t is no easy thing to face one’s shadows.  To come through the territories of one’s inner landscape where the wounds and traumas wait to be revealed, aching to relieved of their burden.  To discover them, to make peace with the parts within ourselves that are still healing, is one of the greatest challenges on the quest.

Shadows, also known as distortions or defilements,are defined as misalignments with the nature of What Is.  They are agitations that lay within the subtle structure of the self which distort our perception and manifestation of reality.

Shadows in one sense are just that, flickering shadows that dance before the light of the fire.  They are not your true self, but the distortions in perspective created from emotional trauma.  They are the hurts, the confusions, the separations from Love that lay within our subconscious, waiting to emerge back into the light.  They are our challenges.  The distortions in our relationships with self and others.  That which must be resolved to continue our journey back to the Garden.

Discovering your Shadows

Everyone faces their inner shadows.  Everyone.  Each and every one of us has our portion of the distortion to clear from the field.  No one is exempt. 

As we make our way to a more heavenly version of our reality, we must heal our portion of that distortion, that ripple across the realms of the Garden.

Yet while this can be difficult, face them we must, for only in transforming the patterns within our subconscious, only by confronting and dissolving the fears that lay within may be experience the brighter world.  In many ways, they are the gatekeepers, the wayshowers, the parts of the self that have been hidden or locked away, holding in their grasp some of the keys we need to unlock the treasure beyond our trials.

In the landscapes of legend, the realms of Shadow are the distorted and incoherent versions of particular qualities in our reality.  This can take many forms, yet is essentially a place within the inner and outer territories of one’s experience where there is a lack of light, where things are not seen cleared, and the world is blurry and distorted.

There are places within where we have been wounded, where we are quick to defend and demean.  They are the unconscious places which lay beneath our perceptions and actions, that cause us to manifest realities which are disconnected from our Divine birhright, that which is always there within the field waiting to be discovered.

A grand example of this is a life without Love.  Without fellowship, without connection.  Such is not the truth.  It is a distortion from that truth.  As we clear the shadows and incoherence from our path, that life changes.  Love appears.  Fellowship arrives.  Connection is made.  Yet to do this, we must clear the shadows, the wounds that separate us from the clear version of our reality. 

There are always difficulties on the quest.  Places where the road seems blocked, where we are demanded to move in new directions, where we must suddenly change our plans and respond to the reality of Life unfolding.