2010 – Lands of Enchantment

2010 - Lands of Enchantment

01 Jan

2010-1-1 – “The McArthur Spellbook”

Following the connection with Elisa MacArthur, I make my way towards Santa Fe, in what is called th

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17 Mar

2010-3-17 – “The Temple of Dance”

am led once more to the temples of Dance the modern Age, seeking to drop into the sacredness of my

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13 Apr

2010-4-13 – The Mythica Glyph

It is April in the Land of Enchantment when I first encounter what will become the brand glyph for

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20 Jun

2010-6-20 – “Path of the Bear”

After leaving the Lands of Enchantment, North the Wolf and I make our way along the realms, continu

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16 Jul

2010-7-16 – “Truth & Glamour”

“Truth & Glamour” Once again, I accept the invitation to the majestic labyrinth of Jar

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30 Jul

2010-7-30 – “Friends of the Faeries”

Returning once more on my annual pilgrimage to the Faerie Market at Faerieworlds, I re-encounter th

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13 Aug

2010-8-13 – “Realms of the Beloved”

Dance delight into the LightRemember words of sacred BrightBack to places made of GraceWhere all is

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18 Aug

2010-8-18 – “Livingwell”

One of the greatest revelations about the underlands of the Mythica happened in 2010, a few months

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07 Sep

2010-9-7 – “Song of the People”

Wishing to make my way from the realms of Air and Fire into those of Water and Earth, I make the co

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20 Oct

2010-10-20 – “The Fairy Seer”

I continue to follow the scent of Faerie through the lands beneath the land, coming with Fern

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23 Oct

2010-10-23 – “Priestess of the North”

My journey through Faerie continues as I am led along the Path to a ritual led by my former classma

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04 Nov

2010-11-4 – “Djedi of the New Republic”

After leaving the Iron Mountain Lodge, I am contacted by Ciardha Vomalitez, one of the modern d

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10 Nov

2010-11-10 – “Gold & Dragons”

I continue the journey, following the scent of synchronicity and witnessing the arrival of ever-mor

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15 Nov

2010-11-15 – “The City Beneath the Sea”

I wish to know more about this Fairy Seer, Orion Foxwood.  I am told of a gathering b

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