2009 – Faerie Roads

2009 - Faerie Roads

11 February 2009

“Journey to the Shire”

“Journey to the Shire” I must leave the mountains.  I resolve to follow the trail of my kinbrot

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05 March 2009

“Avalon Grove”

“Avalon Grove” The Kindly Woodsman Previous Next Dak Dak Dakini
08 May 2009

“The Invocation of Pan”

“The Invocation of Pan” I am asked to invoke as the embodiment of Pan during a ritual with the D

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13 June 2009

“Faerie Roads”

“Faerie Roads” Setting Out The majestic Faerie Roads adventure, where I receive a prophecy

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05 July 2009

Faerie Roads – Part 2

“Faerie Roads – Part 2” Visiting the Caves Aleister Macintosh

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24 September 2009

“Cleansing with the Kami”

“Cleansing with the Kami” Deeply intent on clearing the agitations and imb

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25 November 2009

“Academy’s End”

“Leaving the Academy” Walk of the Ronin It saddens me to leave, but I

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30 November 2009

“The Vedic Realms”

“The Vedic Realms” At last, I arrive in the towne of Crestone, Colorado. I

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