"Faerie Roads - Part 2"

Visiting the Caves

Aleister Macintosh

The Faery Glens


Once again the physics of the quest prove true as we find ourselves in the realms of Faerie, manifesting on the surface plane of perception as the Findhorn Foundation …

We are the Garden

Randolph's Leap

The Emerald Tower / Returning Home

Characters Appearing

Noah McLain
Patience Yanderling
Adam Macintosh

Physics of the Quest - Realms

There are Worlds within the World

Realms are the landscape of the Mythica.  The many realities that exist at different coordinates of time and space.

All Stories happen on a landscape. A mythical topography that defines the heroic journey of the character. While there are many ways to present that landscape, it is always one of movement through the psychic and physical territories of one’s own self and their adventure upon the earth.  It is at the intersect of these points, of the inner and outer, the surface and the subtle, that we discover the many realities, the many worlds of manifestation that lay upon the roots and branches of the World Tree.  Such as the subtle landscapes of legend upon which our path unfolds.

In the simplest sense, a realm is an entire reality, a world of conditions that exist at a certain coordinate of the World Tree.  It is where you are, It’s your state of being defined as a location.  The particular set of coordinates on the subtle maps that define your reality at any given moment.  As we explore the realms, we are looking at your sacred Path as a movement across a landscape of archetypical energies which mirror the vibrations of our inner World.

Think of a map. Yet instead of states and towns, think of states of being. Emotional states. Psychic states. Different aspects of an inner journey happening simultaneously with our outer movement through life.  It is a map entirely unique to you, made of the very colors of vibration that make up your inner world.  As you travel along your sacred path, your rainbow bridge between realms, gradually becoming who you are meant to be, it is this landscape that you travel.  The realms of your own rainbow in the manifest world.

Seen on the subtle and causal planes of awareness, these vibrational patterns manifest as entirely manifest realities.  Landscapes of interwoven synchronicities and resolving elements which lay beneath the surface of our everyday lives.

Key to this is understanding that your inner world manifests your outer.  That the elemental energies that make up your current self are literally manifesting themselves as your current reality.  It means you are living in the substance of your own story, in the refletion of your own energies.

As we move along the surface of the planet, we are simultaneously moving through this vast and subtle topography.  Through the many states of being that define our stories.  Together these things form the foundation for all worlds, also known as realms or realities.

There are worlds beneath the world.  Fields of subtle vibration that form the deeper substance of reality.  These are the underlands, the landscapes of legend which may be perceived on the subtle layer of Gaia’s ecosystem.

Realms do not simply exist in our inner landscape.  Like all things, they are part of the larger universe, existing in both the inner and outer worlds.  All across the planet there are places of distinctive vibration, places of  particular qualities of energy, all of which are part of the landscapes of legend that exist here, now, in the subtle perception of the real physical world.  As part of our sacred adventure of life, we are blessed to discover the realms that exist both within and without, to find the places on the surface of the planet that are made of the textures of our own resolving vibration.

As explorers of the new world, we are always discovering new realms.  New places of inner and outer reality.  As we travel along our journey, we map these places, revealing the deeper aspects of the tree of life that links us all.  Moving from one landscape to another on the road to a more heavenly earth. 

There is a subtle landscape to the world

There is an infinite range of realms and realities that exist within the Creation, each existing at a certain moment on space, time and depth of being.