2008 – Mythmaker

2008 - Mythmaker

02 Jan

2008-1-2 – “Holt of the Elves”

Leaving the Academy on the inaugural journey of Calliope’s Dream, I return to the realm&nbsp

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21 May

2008-5-21 – The White Rabbit

I am invited to stay with one of the pirates, in the nearby city of Vancouver. Such proves to be a

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03 Jun

2008-6-3 – “Come the Mythmaker”

Mythmaker The Path leads me to the Valhalla mountains, there to connect with Hjeron O’Sidhe

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24 Jun

2008-6-24 – “Stewarding the Myth”

Realmshift At the time of this writing, I look back on events with new eyes.  With a va

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03 Aug

2008-8-3 – “Faerieworlds”

“Faerieworlds”(2008-8-3) The journey with the Mythmaker leads me to a new realm! Living so dee

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10 Aug

2008-8-10 – “Nymphs and Apples”

I continue to follow the Path, following the textures of the unfoldment towards the sacred Mt. Shas

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27 Aug

2008-8-27 – “Ash & Fire”

“Ash & Fire” (2008-8-27) Lady Ash and I journey together at last to Blackrock, reco

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19 Sep

2008-9-19 – “Changing of the Guard”

The moment when the beasts changed over, and I felt that ancient cycle, that ancient pattern, move

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