2005 – Academy Year II

2005 - Academy Year II

07 Jan

“The Last Unicorn”

“The Last Unicorn” On information gained from Oberon Zell Ravenheart, I ma

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26 Jan

“The Frost Labyrinth”

“The Frost Labyrinth” As part of my training at the Academy, I am led to d

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01 Mar


“Matsubadojo” The Pine Needle Balancing out the deeply feminine practices of listening and

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20 Mar

The Prophecy

“The Prophecy” What happens in this episode is one of the most significant

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04 May

“The Arts of Divination”

“Studying the Mystic Arts” My studies at the Academy continue as we go deeper, advancing from th

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05 Jun

Dancing with the Deva

“Dancing with the Deva” “The Puppy Run” During my time at the Academy

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10 Sep


Challenges in the Snow It is during this time that one of the beings I ha

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