2005 – Academy Year II

2005 - Academy Year II

07 Jan

2005-1-7 – “The Last Unicorn”

On information gained from Oberon Zell Ravenheart, I make my way to the Isis Oasis, there to see th

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26 Jan

2005-1-26 – “The Frost Labyrinth”

As part of my training at the Academy, I am led to do deep elemental exercises in effort to clear t

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01 Mar

2005-3-1 – “Matsubadojo”

Balancing out the deeply feminine practices of listening and divination within the Academy, I am le

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20 Mar

2005-3-20 – The Prophecy

One of the most significant moments on the Quest was when I received a reading from a Vedic astrolo

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04 May

2005-5-4 – “The Arts of Divination”

My studies at the Academy continue as we go deeper, advancing from the normal deck of playing cards

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10 Sep

2005-9-10 – Challenge

It is during this time that one of the beings I have invited to the Academy chooses to challenge me

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