2004 – Academy Year I

2004 - Academy Year I

11 May

“Angels of Time and Space”

“Angels of Time and Space” Walsh comes to visit me at Shangri-Lafayette, b

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25 May

“Dragons of Pele”

“Dragons of Pele” Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctu

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06 Jun

“Argonaut Mythic”

“Argonaut Mythic” Signs and portents continue to occur on the Path as my r

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07 Jul

“Academy of the Ancient Arts”

“Academy of the Ancient Arts” One of the most significant parts of the Que

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02 Dec

“The Muppet Mansion”

“Mansion of the Muppets” Sacredness takes many forms.  What seems on the surface to be craft an

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25 Dec

“Flicker & Rain”

“Flicker & Rain” The Flicker & Rain episode repr

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31 Dec

“The Circle”

“The Circle” The Snow Portal There was something about it.  About the portal of energies t

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