2004-12-2 – “The Muppet Mansion”

My return to the Eastern coastline of the Americas and Great York brings me to a place of royalty, the mansion of the Muppets and their deep influence upon the peoples of the city.

The magic of Jim Henson and the bards of that time was deeply influential on my Story, carrying with it the impressions of both the fractured faery tale and it’s pristine reflection. When I was a childe, I had been so impressed by the movie Labyrinth that I watched it three times the same day, stealthing my way from theatre to theatre in the teenage chaos. I had been heavily influenced by the Dark Crystal as well, sensing the tones of truefae beneath it’s substance, how even then, I had been tuning into the Divine incentive, the heal the splintered shard within my own self, such that the crystal could sing once more.

Vogel’s skill with shaping had led him to this place, part of the vast network of crafters that worked within what I saw as an incarnation of the spirits of faerie through the brightest aspects of the human Heart.

The magic was flush, here, for there has always been link between the Muppets and the Mana, the elemental spirits that make up form itself. Where the shapes of feelings make their way into colour and couture, one’s higher and lusher self given free through proxy to BE something anew.

In honourific, I wove melodies for the Muppet King, now since departed from the material plane with excellence in his wake.

Me, Emperor

When, really, does one have the opportunity to sit in the Skesis Throne and proclaim oneself the Emperor? Such moments of confluence are potent things, and I wasted no time invoking it

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