"Kings & Heroes"

Once more Walsh accepts the Call to Adventure, flying out from New Yorke City to meet me on the islands of Kauai and go deeper into the magical World …

Gathering the instruments, Walsh and I make our way along the Na Pali Trail. Ever mindful of the sensitivity of his skin yet facing the adventure with valor, he wears an explorer’s hat, protecting him from the burning Sun as we make our deeper into the realms of magic, trusting the unfoldment.

Meetings in Kalalau

Little do we know we are meant to intersect with a fellow avatar of Story in the web of synchronicity that connects us all….

Together, we embark on the eleven-mile journey along hte Na Pali coastline, finding our way towards the mystical valley of Kalalau ….

After the long walk along the Na Pali coastline trail, we make our way at last to the sacred valley, immediately feeling the resonance of her expansive vibration. Here, we intersect with Nestle the Chocolate Faery and her companions, as well as new allies traveling abroad from the international realms of the World.

There is something here for me.  In the embodiment of that playful feminine.  Of that raw and unfiltered essence of the ocean itself.

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Pierce is a Good man. We got on instantly, slipping into the easy camaraderie of theatre and the clever.

What strikes me most about Brosnan is not the idea of his fame or fortune in the Commonwealth, but the strength of his character. It is the deep essence that sings to me beneath the surface of his skin, where the shape of his soul casts it’s colours onto the Worlds.

There was nobility here. A genuine goodness and grace. This was a being who both suffered and risen through the depths of real experience, carrying with him the light of an authentic Heart. This heartened me. It was Real Kingship, the nobility of the honest self, communicated through the Stories of modern myth.

By his side was his lady, equally radiant in her own Aspect of nobility. While I was not graced to spend as much time with her, the scent of Story was thick between them, the ancient lines of Fae and fellowship clear across the ethers of our talkstory.

The air is so sweet on my skin then. I feel flush with the energies of Story, with the resonance of the Fae realms that I felt within Pierce’s lineage. This is the first time I have encountered a being in wielding with both the fame and the fellowship of the modern Age, and I like it. It feels resonant with my own Path, where I am meant to travel in service to Story, and I imbibe it, feeling the textures of impression breathe into my form in the sacred valley.

As I am doing this, Brosnan’s wife walks by me. I smile, making quick talkstory. She tells me they are inviting the Omega players to a party at their house. That they’re giving them an opportunity to be seen. As she says this, she turns to me and says, “You don’t need any help”.

I smile in return, feeling the sanctity of Story filling my Voice. “No, I don’t.” I say. “I’ll be fine. You guys just enjoy your time here. Aloha.” and bow to her, the aina singing through my skin.

Even at this early moment in the Quest, I could feel the energies that lay beneath the surface of what things appeared to be.  Here, I saw Pierce as an archetype of the energies of not only fame and fortune but nobility.  Here, I saw him in the wielding of influence, of power in a noble fashion.

Walsh on the Water

As we make to leave, Dan is offered an opportunity to ride a kayak out of the valley, curving around the edge of the island. I wish him well on his adventure, promising to pick him up from his landing. True to his myth, he tells me later that where he landed, he was immediately brought to a drum set to play ….

The Leap of Faith

Visions of Paradise

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Dan Walsh
Ayah Buonaugurio
Pierce Brosnan
Keely Shaye Smith

Archetypes & Avatars

There are many archetypes within our Stories.  Many different types of characters that appear along our Path.  As we make our journey to a new reality, we encounter the people, places and events that fill this role in our lives, each representing an aspect of consciousness within the Creation.