2002 – Leaving Yorke

2002 - The Call to Adventure

01 January 2002


“Prologue” I was thirteen years old when I declared my devotion to the Goddess of

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05 January 2002

The Modern Myth

The Heroic Inspiration My journey into the modern mythology would take me into the city of my bi

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10 January 2002

Tillary Tower

Tillary Tower In the tarot, there was a card called ‘The Tower’, which represented great change.&n

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20 January 2002

The Heart of York

The City of York Heart of the City Writing about my adventures with the deva on that night with th

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02 February 2002

The Portal between Worlds

The Portal Between Worlds One of the defining moments that set me upon the Quest happened in between

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10 February 2002

“The Faerytale Brigade”

“The Faerytale Brigade” It was then I heard the Call, to head out on the Questto Trust the song

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13 February 2002

Festival of Wounding

“Festival of Wounding” It’s a moody weekend when I join the Faerytale Brigade in a jaunt to a gather

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04 March 2002

Magi of Manhattan

Magi of Manhattan My time in New York City had a Faerytale quality to it, where Vogel and I found

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07 July 2002

“Pacha Mama”

“Pacha Mama” The Quest leads me to the realms of Costa Rica, to a community known as Pacha Mama. &nb

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31 August 2002

“Blackrock – Iron and Fire”

Blackrock – Iron & Fire he Quest leads me once more to Blackrock, the City of Dreams … where I

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02 October 2002

“The Garden Island”

“The Garden Island” After receiving the vision at Pacha Mama to take the workshop in ‘Huna shamani

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